Friday, December 30, 2011


A lot of things happened today. I lost hope- I got drenched in rain- I had an ice cream-  I was trying to be normal- I was normal- I was clueless.
There are situations in life where you feel so lonely even when you find everybody around you. Yeah, it was my turn . I did feel. I still feel lonely.
There are times when you feel you were just nothing and you lost your hope- you felt like leaving the Earth? Yes, I did feel so. Being a coward is not on my list. It was just the 'frustrated feeling'. I felt so empty-blank-what was I doing?- why was I upset?
Too many questions, huh? :)
I leave you clueless with this.

P.S: The end of my day, I did feel good because of few people ^__^ Thank you ! <3